Personnel administration assistance

Our payroll accountancy services:

Monthly salaries

Hourly wages

Legal payroll reporting

Payment of salaries

Customer wage payroll information

Managing & reporting trade union contributions

Monthly statement to tax authorities

Annual statement to tax authorities & insurance companies

Wage certificates


New members of our team!
We welcome our new collegue!
Our office is closed during the period of 20.7.2020 through 26.7.2020 w30. We wish everyone a nice summer!
E-invoicing address
Our E-invoicing address is: 003702430231 Network operator: MAVENTA Mediates alternative: if your network operator is for example Itella, Basware etc the code is: 003721291126 if your network operator is a bank for example Nordea, Andelsbanken etc. the code is: DABAFIHH
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